Old School Swinging Blues & Torch Blues with Sass & Soul

{Available from Trio to 5/6 piece Band}

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This Swinging Band performs fabulous renditions of the Old School Blues sung by the charismatic Bonnie Lee Galea whilst accompanied by the incredible musicianship of Steve Wilson on guitar, Quinton Dunne on double bass & vocals, Steve Todd on drums & Gabriel Chammah on Tenor Sax.

Bonnie delivers powerful lyrics & moving music of the brilliant Bessie Smith, raunchy Ruth Brown & unstoppable Big Mama Thornton. Other great songs from unforgettable singers such as Aretha, Billie, Etta & more, plus some of Bonnie’s own compositions.

If you like an entertaining banter of a duet or two then check out when Quinton Dunne when he joins in wiht Bonnie to sing some hit duets from Ray Charles & Betty Carter, BB King & Katie Webster and other great male classics from the likes of Lou Rawls.

Bonnie channels their songs with the personality, tone & soul they deserve with her inimitable vocal sound. Recently performed at GAOL BLUES Festival 2017. Available for touring, festival, events & general bookings.

‘THAT’S MY BABY’ written by Bonnie Lee Galea, sung by Bonnie Lee Galea & performed by Bonfire Blues

‘WHO WILL COMFORT ME’ written by Melody Gardot, sung by Bonnie Lee Galea & performed by Bonfire Blues

‘MISS CELIE’S BLUES’ written by Quincy Jones, sung by Bonnie Lee Galea & performed by Bonfire Blues/JAZZ in CHEEK


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