Debut CD RELEASE 2014


Bonnie Lee Galea & band based in Adelaide but travel frequently interstate with band & sometimes joining fellow musicians she has worked with in previous years, from each state to deliver their music!

Currently she is working on a new cd with a more foreign flavour looking to be released later this year. [more info in the months to come]

Press Release

Key Image, CD Launch Live

Key Image, Bonnie & Quinton

CD Cover

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You can listen to some songs from Bonnie’s Debut CD on the LISTEN page of this website

If you would like to PURCHASE a copy of her CD for $20, the 1st FIVE people to contact Bonnie by CLICKING HERE & emailing or calling will receive free delivery [normally $5]

MUSIC CD REVIEW / Randy G MouthZoff Reviewer, QLD

“Since I Fell For You” can be summed up in just one glass … a glass of fine merlot that is! From the first few grunts of the piano to the delicate and flirtatious caresses of flute.

You really do feel the ebb and flow of the moods as Bonnie takes you on an eclectic journey of Jazz and Blues, reminiscent of wine, cheese, smokey piano bars and even cabaret. The professional musicianship of her band is obvious from the onset and consistent throughout.

But it’s most definitely Bonnie’s smooth, matured voice that marries every note. Her versatility and playfulness brings each track to life. Worthy of mention too is the suave saxophone in later tracks, it really pops the cork on an album I will surely be adding to my collection with haste.

Quote from CD Launch MUSIC REVIEW / IN DAILY, Adelaide, Steve Horne SA

Bonnie Lee Galea has put together a smooth collection of classic jazz tunes with her debut album Since I Fell For You.The album itself is bright and breezy, with Galea’s cheerful vocal style reflecting her personality and well suited to the material.


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