Brisbane Jazz Club, Qld

Thank you to everyone who attended our recent shows!

It was a busy month for JULY 2018 with

BESSIE BILLIE DINAH starting the winter festivities off at Goodwood Institute with Sold Out show part of the Cabaret Fringe Festival welcomed Lazaro Ernesto Numa Pompa – trumpet to the stage alongside, Richard Coates on keys & Quinton Dunne on double bass.

BLONDE BOMBSHELLS OF JAZZ hitting the stage at Burnside Ballroom a fantastic turnout of over 130 people. {We will be back in 2019 with a run of shows, so stay tuned} another fabulous line up on Adelaide musicians

YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS was a wonderful afternoon at the British Workingmens Club with an incredible line up of musicians & guest spot by Leo Capurso on vocals, thank you to Kerry with her Silent Sabine & Dexter supporting the show, completed the afternoon

& finally

BONFIRE BLUES welcomed James Muller to the stage joining us for a brilliant performance, Mick Morena on drums, Peter Raidel on sax & Quinton Dunne on electric bass at the British Hotel in Port Adelaide for Guitars in Bars & Umbrella. Fantastic turnout with more than 70 people heading in to the hotel, a brilliant might by all.

MORE DATES & SHOWS COMING SOON, or to enquire about booking any performances please click here…..


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