BANDCAMP 24hr fundraiser for Musicians 100% revenue to artists

I have recently uploaded these two songs below on Bandcamp who, to support artists through this difficult time for 24 hours [based on PDT, Pacific Daylight Time] are offering 100% of revenue from purchases to go straight to the artist [normally  artists receives roughly 80%]. Happening…..

TODAY – 4.30pm May 1 to 4.30pm May 2 – Adelaide Time
Bandcamp are giving 100% of the revenue from purchases to musicians & artists all over the world.
This is happening for 24 hours Midnight to Midnight PDT, Pacific Daylight Time in your town & country which I think is LA time.

‘THAT’S MY BABY’ single only available from BANDCAMP to Purchase & Download.


‘AFTER YOU’VE GONE’ single available from BANDCAMP to Purchase & Download or track is on CD ‘Blonde Bombshells of Jazz’ purchased above on Paypal or via email direct.


In Brief …
The Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact all of us, and artists have been hit especially hard as tours and shows are canceled for the foreseeable future. 

But the pandemic and its impact on the music community aren’t over even when we restrictions are lifted. 
So on May 1, June 5, and July 3 (the first Friday of each month),
Bandcamp are waiving their revenue share for all sales, giving the artist 100% of their sales.
Midnight to Midnight PDT – Pacific Daylight  Time on each day.

Thank you for checking out, sharing or purchasing some music xxx stay safe everyone, we hope to see you all soon.

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